champion combat robotics team

John R.
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Hi, I'm John. I built this website off and on over the course of a weekend out of curiosity. I wanted to see if someone like me, with limited web design experience, could build a decent website in HTML5 and CSS3. I know our old sites weren't that great looking, and I figured if I was going to create a site, it might as well be for Team Slammers.

As for my team duties, I do most of the design work, a lot of the building, some of the car driving, and all of the robot driving. I've been building robots since I was seven, and my passion has developed into something that I am considering doing as a career. Hopefully college won't stop my 'bot building!

John A.
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John A. is John R's dad. Up until recently, he did all the driving to events and buying of parts, but thanks to John R's job and driver's license, that isn't as much of an issue for him. He's a very good machinist that either completely makes or contributes to most of the milled parts that go on our robots. He's a great builder and an even better dad! We're glad to have him.