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We pride ourselves in creating awesome robots. There are far too many to list (stretching all the way back to 2004!) but you can find our most recent ones here.


Amatol Botpic

What started out as an idea for an antweight undercutter soon turned into an even more overpowered version of our old wedge, Slam Sandwich. Amatol is the only antweight (that we know of, at least) to have two Kitbots 1000 RPM beetleweight drive motors in it. Coupled with its toughness, it took third at FI 2011.

Key Features:

Under Construction
Lolcat v2
Lolcat v2 Botpic

After the success of the original lolcat, we are working on improving it. Changes will include an improved layout, stronger weapon, and trying to fix the horrible radio reception that the original lolcat was plagued by. The new design is very similar to that of a modernized version of our highly successful fairyweight Fright Blade.

Key Features:

Mr. Brightside
Epitome Botpic

We've noticed a lack of good beetleweight horizontal spinners in the recent past. Mr. Brightside aims to change that. Plans for it include a one-piece UHMW frame and a 1' long, 1lb S7 undercutting blade spinning somewhere around 10,000 RPM. Ouch.

Key Features:

Slammer Botpic

Our first hobbyweight robot will be a fairly simple one. Although a 4WD brick may not sound that exciting, we plan on building it to be strong enough to handle even the strongest spinning weapons.

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Lolcat v2 Botpic

John R's first attempt at building an eggbeater robot went very well. Despite having constant problems with everything, it was a real crowd-pleaser and it managed a second-place finish at Motorama 2011. The picture shown is the lolcat picture that was used as a placeholder before Motorama 2011.

Key Features:

The Beloved Shardy
Beloved Shardy Botpic

This robot went through so many versions that we lost track. It started off as a vertical disc but later became an undercutter. As the name is now 5 years old, we have decided to retire it and start from scratch with our latest antweight, Amatol.

Key Features:

Epic Fail
Epic Fail Botpic

This robot truly lived up to its name. We wanted to do a beetleweight for Motorama 2011, but its low ground clearance and even lower build quality (our mill broke just before it was done) doomed it to failure. Still, the 10oz saw spinning in excess of 10,000rpm dished out some huge hits when it worked.

Key Features: