champion combat robotics team

Welcome To Team Slammers

We've been creating and competing small (150g - 3lb) robots in the Northeastern United States for over 7 years. Over that time, we've participated in over 200 robot fights! We're glad you paid us a visit.

A Quick Website Update

We've implemented the HTML5 Boilerplate's CSS to help with browser back-compatibility. This website is now usable by anyone with just about any browser. We've tested it all the way back to IE7 and it works just fine.

Posted by John R. on 10/26/2011
Back From FI

John R. took third place in the ants with Amatol, going 2-2. We have some improvements for it in the works as well as a couple of other bots for Motorama 2012, so keep checking back to see what happens!

We'd like to thank everyone at NERC for hosting a world-class event!

Posted by John R. on 10/19/2011
We're Online

We finally uploaded our new site! We'll be adding some more pages at some point in the future, but the shiny new HTML is finally seeing the light of day. We're also preparing to start working on Amatol. Stay tuned for possible pictures!

Posted by John R. on 9/7/2011
We're Going to the Franklin Cup!

We are continuing to (slowly) work on this website. John R. got sidetracked by work and golf, but he has found some time to finally get the site done. We have also decided to put Epitome on hold so we can get Amatol done for the Franklin Cup in October. We are very excited to be heading to Philly this fall!

Posted by John R. on 8/21/2011
The Site's Going Up

Yeah, we know this site's been through about 3 million versions. You don't have to remind us. But it's a sort of learning experience: As John R. gets better at building bots, he gets better at building websites. This one will be by far our best one ever. We plan on creating a fully HTML5/CSS3 desktop site with a mobile version that will (hopefully) degrade gracefully. But if you have an older browser right now, watch out. This might not be pretty for a while...

Posted by John R. on 8/4/2011

Upcoming Events:

  • Motorama 2012 - February 19-21, 2012

    Attending With:
    • John R.
    • John A.